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Miss Sadie Thompson 3D Blu-ray Review

After previous screen versions starring Gloria Swanson and Joan Crawford had indelibly burned the character’s name into the public consciousness, Curtis Bernhardt brought the lady back to life in Technicolor and 3D with the 1953 Miss Sadie Thompson. Discuss in the forums.

The Gang’s All Here Blu-ray Review

There is no other wartime musical quite like Busby Berkeley’s The Gang’s All Here: a cornucopia of music, mirth, and mind-blowing visuals with a smidgen of romance thrown in almost as an afterthought. Discuss in the forums.

Zelig Blu-ray Review

Zelig is one of the greatest mock documentaries ever made, a hilarious and touching look through miraculously created sights and sounds at a sad soul who’s transformed by the love of a wonderful woman. Discuss in the forums.

The Member of the Wedding Blu-ray Review

During the course of her life Carson McCullers wrote several provocative and evocative novels which take place in the southern United States and focus on characters that have trouble fitting into their surroundings. The Member of the Wedding is based upon her third novel, but was the first to be […]

Rollerball (1975): Encore Edition Blu-ray Review

Norman Jewison’s dyspeptic view of an undesirable future might not have the horrifying eccentricity of Stanley Kubrick’s A Clockwork Orange, but Rollerball is an enjoyable if sobering ride to a future whose shiny surface but rotten underbelly is all too believable and acrid. Discuss in the forums.