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Rocky Mountain Express UHD Review

Although sometimes dry in its storytelling, Rocky Mountain Express tells the fascinating story of how the Canada’s first transcontinental railroad was built through the often treacherous Rocky Mountains. The film is everything you’d expect from a large format IMAX documentary, with breathtaking vistas and incredibly detailed photography. Discuss in the forums.

Flight of the Butterflies UHD Review

Many forget that IMAX was best known for its beautiful documentary short subjects. Flight of the Butterflies was like a trip down memory lane, meshing beautiful cinematography with two compelling stories told simultaneously. The 4K UHD looks incredible, but the real bonus is the inclusion of a 3-D Blu-ray version. Discuss […]

Manhunter Collector’s Edition Blu-ray Review

Michael Mann’s cult thriller Manhunter not only introduced audiences to Hannibal Lecktor (as spelled in this film), but also to the use of FBI forensics and the use of profiling to help identify a suspect. Although initially a box office disappointment, thanks mostly to a bad marketing campaign by the film’s […]

I Saw What You Did Blu-ray Review

There are a couple of genuinely creepy moments in William Castle’s I Saw What You Did, moments that don’t rely on skeletons flying overhead in a theater, electronic shocks delivered on cue, or a viewer card which can erase the ghosts from the screen for the faint of heart. Discuss […]