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The Divergent Series: Allegiant UHD Review

In what appears to be becoming a customary practice by Hollywood, the third and final novel in the Divergent series, Allegiant, has been split into two movies (the final film, now tentatively titled Ascendant, will arrive in theatres Spring 2017), and that may be stretching an already thin premise too thin. The third […]

Divergent UHD Review

Young Adult novels, regardless of the quality of their prose or originality, became a hot item in Hollywood after the success of the Twilight series. So it came as no real surprise that Summit, who hit gold with Twilight, quickly acquired The Divergent Series from author Veronica Roth. The first entry (and its […]

Gods of Egypt UHD Review

Alex Proyas’ Gods of Egypt, a bloated action-adventure fantasy, is definitely eye candy (especially in 4k), but suffers from dull and unoriginal storytelling and ridiculous dialogue. Discuss in the forums.

Misconduct Blu-ray Review

Shintaro Shimosawa’s Misconduct is one of those labyrinthine mysteries in which inevitably pieces of its puzzle do fit together but just a little uncomfortably. Discuss in the forums.

Mojave Blu-ray Review

A quasi-thriller that’s too much talk for its own good, William Monahan’s Mojave had the makings of a fine suspense picture. Despite characters who don’t always ring true and direction that veers from inventive to prosaic, Mojave still offers a modicum of interest in its cat-and-mouse struggle scenario. Discuss in […]