Zelda GAME-ENDING Glitch (Very Important)

Discussion in 'Gaming' started by Steve Y, Dec 21, 2006.

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    This has been posted a lot of other places, so pardon me if you'd read this a million times already. I did a search and couldn't find anything here.

    The rumor is that this only affects the Wii version of Zelda: Twilight Princess. Still, I would be careful with the GCN version as well. There are very complete videos of this glitch floating around on the web, so this is definitely confirmed - it can cause you to have to start over quite late in the game.

    There are also rumors that this glitch can be resolved, but so far not ONE video has confirmed this.

    I'm afraid this spoiler contains plot points (nothing earth-shattering, in my opinion). But you should read this if you want to know how to avoid the glitch.

    In Kotaku you will go down some stairs and enter an underground-looking room with a big cannon. A character named Shad will follow you down and stand in the room with you. If you save at this point (BEFORE speaking with Shad, which will cause him to leave the room), then upon coming back and loading this saved game, you will start in this room with no way to leave -- a short cut-scene blocks your way back up the stairs -- and Shad is missing from the room! But you cannot warp the cannon until you talk to Shad (who is not in the room), and any attempt to return back up the stairs results in being sent back into the room (by Shad, who is not actually there). "Killing yourself" with bombs does not work; you just are stuck with "game over" and the save file takes you back into the room. The idea of "finding the invisible Shad" has not worked for anyone, either. You cannot transform, because the game treats the room as if Shad was watching you. For for the love of god, talk to the character first, warp the cannon out of there, get to Hyrule Field, and then save your game. You should be OK from there.

    I hope this saves some people hours of gameplay. Just FYI, I don't own the game personally, but felt very bad for people who had to start over.

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