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    My husband and I are planning a dedicated home theatre room in our basement (it’s pretty dark, maybe equal to full moon in the country at night as far as ambient light). We plan on getting a decent pull-down screen, and a front projector. We may in time mount it, but it will have it’s own table/cart for the time being.

    We’re looking to spend around 1500 dollars or so on the projector itself, maybe slightly more but under 2000. I gave up any dreams of a 1080 model but I’m still trying to finagle a 720p native entry-level. It’s kind of our wedding present to ourselves. It would be connected to a dedicated computer for it, probably the xbox as well.

    I’m considering the Optoma HD-72, Hitachi HDPJ52, Mitsubishi HC3000U, InFocus IN76. I have found all of these in my range. Originally I wanted optoma or infocus because as a recent college graduate that seemed to be all that were used in lecture halls, however I’m not brand-ist.

    I’m just having a hard time comparing the group. Just looking for something that can produce a decent image. I really don’t care about what the projector itself looks like or it’s portability.

    Any steering you could do would be awesome.

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