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    Im new to this forums ( and to home theater speakers ).

    Until today i've been satisfied by creative computer speakers. But i wanted to upgrade. Being a computer speaker fanatic and someone who doesnt know much about receivers and speakers, i decided to search for the best computer speaker. I was led to the Logitech Z2300 ( newly branded as Logitech Z623 ). With its 100W RMS Subwoofer and 200 W total RMS, it sounded sweet for 150$.

    But then i came past Yamaha 5.1 systems with receivers being sold at 300$ ( where i live ( dubai ) ). I was like WOW. I digged deeper and found Pioneer's Todoroki series too. So i have a few speakers that i want to compare and choose :-

    1. Yamaha RX-V367 Receiver + NS-P285 Speakers Package ( YHT 294 HT package ) ( Price : 300$ local )

    2. RX-V367 Receiver + NS-50 + NS-P60 + YST-SW216 ( Price: 600$ )

    3. Pioneer RS 33 Todoroki ( 500$ Local )

    4. Logitech Z623 or Z2300 ( 150$ Local )

    Now my room is 17 x 12 feet. Comparing the four options above, which is the most suitable for me? I wanted surround sound so i kinda ditched the 4th option. I hope to connect my computer to the system ( S-PDIF probably ). it would be sweet if i could connect my mp3 player too.


    Btw, when manufacturers mention the RMS of a speaker, is it nominal or the max rms of the speaker?

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