Yamaha RX-V1 + Rav2000

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    Dismanteling my home theater system because of a chronic illness. This unit has been the heart of my system since 2002, when I Bought it at a B&M for around $3000 and it has served me very well. Well cared for and only used by myself. No pets or smoking in my home!
    I have the original box and packing, including the manual literature, external antennae, etc.
    With this unit, I am including a RAV2000 remote with its original box and manuals. Also included is the original remote.
    This has been and still is an exceptional unit. My system is typically been set up as 6.1 with use of the 2 extra front effect speakers.
    I am asking $1000 + shipping for the unit and the RAV 2000 remote. I know there are others around but none of'em offer the RAV remote.
    This is a heavy unit, around 70 lbs.
    Please reply to drdavis1@bellsouth.net as I don't check here for mail very much.
    Thanks for looking!

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