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    I have owned a Yamaha RX-V1200 receiver for 11 years and it has been a very good one. However, last week I kept hearing an occasional thump, bump and from time to time static through the speakers Eventually, the audio from the TV would cut in and out, (Directv), and I thought it might have been the optical port going bad. The display on the A/V unit would flash on and off in conjuction with the loss of audio too. Anyway I tried everything to isolate what the problem was to no avail. So, I disconnected EVERY single audio input and I could still hear static and crackling through the speakers, so there is a definite problem internally.

    Since this unit is so old, (plus no HDMI ports and other bells and whistles newer receivers have), I really see no need to spend a couple hundred bucks to get a perhaps band aid fix then it crashes again sometime down the road. I think I's rather apply that money to a new receiver...but which one?

    I am a Yamaha guy, so I called Yamaha and several other sources and got info on a similar unit with the same type architecture as the RX-V1200. The RX-A1000 was the one I heard the most about and it is now a year old product, but still has a 3 year warranty, plus tons of features the 1200 didn't have.

    The guy at Yamaha said it was a $1000 unit, but Amazon has it for $649.00. I've read all the reviews and it seems to fit the bill. However, people on this board know a millions times more than I, so I would like comments, good or bad, if anyone has an opinion on the Yamaha RX-A1000, or any other suggestions.


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