XBox One pulls a Steve Jobs? A white XBox One

Discussion in 'Gaming' started by Kevin Collins, Aug 28, 2013.

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    Do you remember the iPhone/iPad launch where white was an option. I distinctly remember Steve Jobs being so excited about the white option. He mentioned it over and over again during his keynote.

    Well, looks like the XBox One has the same feelings. Microsoft has confirmed through the voice of one of its representatives that the white Xbox One console that's going to be handed out for free to its employees might be sold to the public in the future. I work at Microsoft and haven't got that memo yet. I guess that would be announced at the company meeting?!

    In addition to each Microsoft employee supposedly getting a white XBox One, each country that is launching the XBox One will get a white version. Who will be the lucky recipient in each of those countries is not disclosed.
    Microsoft XBox Live Community Manager Larry Hryb confirmed on Reddit that this edition of the device might be made available for the general public "waaaay in the future." Hryb didn't share any more details but it seems that multi-color versions of the Xbox One could appear at some point in time.

    I'll let you know after the company meeting if I get one. Oh, I guess I won't be at the company meeting as I will be at CEDIA.

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