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    I have to admit I like the remote but--- their customer service is horrible. They lie. Here's my story it's sad but true:

    On 12/29/07 I ordered their Icon Remote for $79.99 with a $15 off voucher for signing up for their newsleter, thus total cost was $64.99 My wife liked the remote so much she signed up and ordered one on 2/3/08 for the same price. On 2/11/08 we received their newsletters showing the price for the remote was dropped to $49.99, that's a $30 difference per remote. I called their customer service on 2/11/08, 2/15/08, 2/21/08 and 2/25/08. Each time I was told a supervisor would get back to me within 48 hours. This never happened. Whenever I asked to speak to a supervisor, I was told none were around. Finally on 2/25/08 I was told they would not credit my charge card. Note: the second remote is still in its 30 day return policy.

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