WW2: Brothers in Arms: Hell's Highway (PS3/Xbox 360)

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    I just finished this game tonight (for Xbox360, but PS3 and PC-versions also available). Pretty good WW2-game and (despite a few flaws) definitely captivating. Solid (and dramatic) story too. Graphics were also quite good, but there were a few bugs also (and while the game AI was good, it was not perfect, since e.g. your team members sometimes used very odd routes, Germans won´t really attack - they "only" spread out and take cover, etc). The story is set to the "Operation Market Garden" ( Operation Market Garden - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia ):

    "The fictional Staff-Sergeant Matt Baker is a squad leader in the 101st Airborne Division. He, and characters from the previous game are reassigned to the division's special reconnaissance unit before the drop into the Netherlands. The game will follow the 101st's assault and securing of Eindhoven, and the subsequent defense of the surrounding area from German counter attacks."

    Official site:
    Brothers in Arms - Hell's Highway | Ubisoft

    You really have to use some "strategic thinking" and planning ahead if you want to survive (and keep your men alive). Rambo-style "run&shoot"-method won´t work here (I mean you die very quickly with that style, can´t take much "hit"). Then again, plenty of "trial&error" in this game, which can be frustrating in some of the levels. Still, not *that* difficult (with normal setting). Haven´t tried the multiplayer mode (I guess up to 20 players via net).

    Recommended for the WW2-game fans, this genre is not dead yet. [​IMG] "Call of Duty: World at War" is also coming soon.

    Btw. The ending hinted the location of the next BiA-game (which I´m sure is coming at some point - nothing is confirmed, though):
    *I won´t spoil the ending or anything, but still...

    The "ghost" of the dead team member says to Baker: "Do you like snow?" or something like that. This probably refers to the "Battle Of The Bulge" ( Battle of the Bulge - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia ). Also the tagline "to be continued" is included. Sounds great.

    Btw. I haven´t played the earlier BiA-games. Any good?

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