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    Hello all,
    Looking for a few HD-DVD's to wrap up my collection. Those of you that may have an extra HD-DVD to part or want to get rid of it, let me know. This includes sealed and used.

    1) Daylight
    2) Dantes Peak
    3) Waterworld
    4) Mystery Men (BOUGHT)
    5) Forbidden Planet
    6) Bonnie & Clyde
    7) Battle of the Bulge
    8) Getaway
    9) Twilight Zone
    10) Space Cowboy
    11) Untouchables
    12) Face Off
    13) Smallville Season 6 (HD-DVD or SD)
    14) Darkman (BOUGHT)

    BTW, received my free 5 HD-DVD's today and could trade (swap) 2 duplicate titles - The Mummy & Riddick (most of us seem to have).

    Not the greatest of movie titles but for some but entertaining. Let me know.
    Advise me of reasonable amount plus shipping and if more than one title.
    Again thanks to all that answer.

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