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    Everyone is Different … Some More Than Others
    Director Quentin Lee’s Family Drama
    Starring Booboo Stewart, Joan Chen, BD Wong,
    Harry Shum Jr., Gregg Sulkin, Kelly Hu and Tyler Posey

    Debuting Digitally June 4th and on DVD July 16th

    SAN JOSE, CALIF. (May 6, 2013) — WHITE FROG, Director Quentin Lee’s (The People I’ve Slept With) universal story of the power of family, friendship, and love, debuts across all digital platforms beginning June 4th and on DVD July 16th from Wolfe Video. The film features an all-star cast, including Booboo Stewart (The Twilight Saga), Joan Chen (1911, Lust, Caution), BD Wong (TV’s “Law & Order: Special Victims Unit”), Harry Shum Jr. (TV’s “Glee”), Gregg Sulkin (TV’s “Pretty Little Liars”), Kelly Hu (X2, TV’s “The Vampire Diaries”) and Tyler Posey (MTV’s “Teen Wolf”). Nick (Stewart), a neglected high school student who is struggling with Asperger’s Syndrome finds his life in disarray when tragedy strikes. His family is changed forever when his older brother Chaz (Shum), whom he idolizes, dies in a tragic accident. WHITE FROG had its world premiere as the opening night film at the 2012 San Francisco International Asian American Film Festival and was an official selection at the 2012 Outfest Film Festival, the 2012 Vancouver Asian Film Festival, the 2012 Boston Asian American Film Festival, the 2012 Asian American Film Festival and the 2012 Hawaii International Film Festival.

    Chaz Young (Harry Shum Jr.) is the perfect son, the most popular kid in school, headed for Stanford, and unconditionally adored by his upwardly mobile parents (BD Wong and Joan Chen). His younger brother Nick (Booboo Stewart) lives in his shadow, brilliant but isolated by his Asperger’s Syndrome. At home, Chaz keeps the peace between his father and mother while running interference for Nick, who is barely acknowledged by his conservative parents. When Chaz dies in a tragic car accident, the family spirals into disarray. In an effort to keep his brother’s memory alive, Nick tentatively reaches out to Chaz’s school friends to try making sense of his untimely death. In doing so, Nick quickly realizes that his brother had a secret life. The truth of his brother’s life will change his own forever.
    WHITE FROG has a runtime of 93 minutes and is not rated.
    Please follow WHITE FROG on Twitter: @WhiteFrogMovie and Wolfe Video at @WolfeVideo.
    DVD Catalog #: 5082D
    DVD UPC Code: 754703763945
    DVD ISBN: 978-1-935423-71-3
    DVD Pre-book Date:5/28/2013
    DVD Street Date: 7/16/13
    DVD SRP: $24.95

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