Wireless PC to TV Question. Please Help.

Discussion in 'Computers' started by powder21, Feb 27, 2008.

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    I was about to buy one of the Logitech Music Anywhere devices to connect my PC to my stereo so I can get rid of the cord(s) currently handling that task when I realized that I would also like to get rid of the s-video cord connecting my PC to my TV.

    I was wondering what would be the easiest and cheapest way to do this. I was thinking of just going with D-Links MediaLounge instead of the Music Anywhere so I can do both, but unfortunately, I'm unsure as to how this thing works.

    To be clear, I am not at all concerned with music, it's all about movies and tv-rips. The Music Anywhere system's USB transmitter just happens to simulate a sound separate card (when selected) so that all audio output goes to the receiver no matter what software or formats I'm using. This is exactly what I would like to accomplish with the video. I'm also not using an HDTV (old tv with S-Video only) and will not be streaming any HighRes videos so high end picture quality is not an issue.

    I am open to ANY suggestions and advice on what to do, so long as the price tag is under 150 bucks
    (I am on a wireless network so 802.11 capability isn't a problem)



    P.S. This stuff is all in the same room so range isn't a problem

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