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    I apologize if this has been asked and answered before. i am a newbie on this site. I searched the forums but didn't see anything directly on point. I run my 48" Visio LED TV, my DirecTV HD DVR and my Sony Blu-ray player through my Yamaha RX-V663 surround sound receiver. All connections to the Yamaha are via HDMI cables. Because I suffer hearing loss in the higher frequencies I would like to be able to use a pair of wireless headphones at the same time my wife listens to whatever we are playing over the speakers. That way I could (in theory) crank up the volume without blowing her off the sofa. Of course, if I plug the wireless phones into the headphone jack all sound to the speakers is cut off. Using the headphone jack or even the audio out connections on the TV itself produces nothing since everything is being sent to the Yamaha via the HDMI cable. Does anyone have any suggestions on how I can keep the sound going to the speakers and still have the wireless headphones work? Fingers crossed. Alan Reinke

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