winxpmce2005/hauppauge 500mce w/sound issues from other tuner

Discussion in 'Computers' started by Christo Ramo, May 15, 2005.

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    I currently have a 3.0 p4, 1gb ram, ati radeo 9600 pro 256mb agp 8x with the ati drivers and the catalyst drivers, chaintech a710 sound using spdif, and the hauppauge 500mce dual tuner and tuner 2 pci slot installed - plugged into header 1, running windows media center edition 2005 w/all updated installed on all devices.

    WinXPMCE is using tuner2 as the tuner with sound. I can only get to it when I tell tuner 1 to record something. This will allow me to get to tuner 2 though the watch live tv option. However every time I boot it uses tuner 1 as the default tuner and there is no sound coming from it. So everytime I want to watch tv I have to tell the winxpmce to record something. Am I suppose to have another sound card installed for the other tuner?

    Also on another issue, it is possible to continue to use the computer as a computer while it distibutes live tv to the tv?

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