Will tweaking pre-designed box designs be detrimental to sound quality?

Discussion in 'Home Theater Projects' started by NickSo, Feb 24, 2004.

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    Im not sure how to word this exactly for the title, but ill try to explain...

    I have an SVS driver i simply dropped into the small enclosure of my old sub. The sound is not GREAT, but its slightly better than the old driver I had...

    I am planning to build a new enclosure, possibly a sonosub.

    I am thinking of making it smaller than whats usually built. Not only for asthetic reasons, but also because my HT is on the second floor directly above my garage, and the floor just doesnt seem that solid (jumping on the floor would cause it to rattle). Im afraid that a big sub tuned to say 20Hz would slowly weaken the floor.

    Rather than having it super deep, maybe something solid and tight, tuned to a frequency just before the really deep subsonic frequencies.

    The question i have is, if I simply made the enclosure smaller than 85l (the design for the Adire Tempest tuned to 20Hz i believe), would it affect the overall sound quality? Or would it just not go as deep?

    Also, would making it closed rather than ported help achieve tighter, but not as deep bass? (also making it a bit easier to build as i dont have to bother with ports and port holes)


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