Will my shelf system drive my M3tis?

Discussion in 'Speakers' started by Mark M. Smith, Aug 26, 2005.

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    I'm building a new system and while I'm still waiting on my Outlaw 1070 to come up for sale my speakers have already arrived. I was thinking it should be possible to drive these from my old crappy shelf system to start getting them broken in and get some better sound while I wait, but I'm a bit concerned about damaging the speakers. Here's the specs:

    Axiom Audi M3ti bookshelves(link )
    8 ohms impedence
    Min. Amp power 10 W

    Aiwa NSX-A72 shelf system
    Included speakers had an impedence of 6 ohms
    Amp is listed as 100 W into 6 ohms with a THD of >1%, but that's it

    This is all being run in relatively small room and I'm not really planning on cranking the sound up particularly high. I just want to be certain that if I hook these up now it won't damage them as everything I see states that too little power is far more likely to damage speakers than anything else. Incidentally what should I be listening for to determine if the speakers are not getting enough power?

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