WHV Press Release: Loonatics Unleased: Season Two/Baby Looney Tunes vl.4

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    The Wascally Wabbit is Back!


    Arriving Onto DVD August 14, 2007

    BURBANK, CA (May 16, 2007) – Perk up your rabbit ears as Loonatics Unleashed Season Two and Baby Looney Tunes Volume 4: Tooth Fairy Tales hop onto DVD on August 14, 2007. Loonatics Unleashed Season Two, priced at $19.98 SRP, features the celebrity vocal talents of Mark Hamill (Star Wars), tennis superstar Serena Williams, Michael Clarke Duncan (The Green Mile) and the funk master himself, Bootsy Collins. For the younger set, Baby Looney Tunes Volume 4: Tooth Fairy Tales will be available at $14.97 SRP.

    Loonatics Unleashed Season Two - Alien energy from a renegade meteor has turned them into out-of-control super-powered mutants. And they’re the good guys! The future-earth world of Acmetropolis looks dark for Danger Duck, Ace Bunny, Slam Tazmanian and all the Loonatics. Each thrilling season two episode has a precarious peril – and outrageous villain! Ophiuchus Sam plots to steal Ace’s Guardian Strike Sword. Evil Electro J. Fudd hunts mutant wabbits and ducks. Slyth Vester is about to start a 1,500-year war and Melvin Martian blackmails the Loonatics so he can get his extraterrestrial paws on Lexi! So strap yourself in for 13 awesome adventures in the year 2772 – and laugh yourself Looney with this cool 2-disc collection! Loonatics Unleashed Season Two has a running time of 286 minutes.

    Loonatics Unleashed premiered in September 2005 and currently airs on Kids’ WB! on The CW network block, drawing over 500,000 kids ages 2-11 on average.

    In Baby Looney Tunes Volume 4: Tooth Fairy Tales, the kids learn a whole new set of lessons. When Bugs loses a tooth, Daffy tries to figure out a way to scam the tooth fairy. In Takers Keepers, Daffy soon discovers it’s not nice to steal someone else’s toy… especially if that someone is Taz! Too much of a good thing can be bad when Taz gobbles way too much candy in Spinout. And, is there any Shadow of a Doubt what shadows are after little Tweety sheds some light on the subject? Plus four more fun episodes – from babies’ playing in snow for the first time to Christmas in July – and four separate singalong tunes to dance and play to! Baby Looney Tunes Volume 4: Tooth Fairy Tales contains four episodes – eight shorts and four songs, and has a running time of 88 minutes.

    Baby Looney Tunes airs on Cartoon Network Monday through Friday at 11:30 am.

    BASICS - Loonatics Unleashed Season Two
    DVD - $19.98 SRP
    Street Date: August 14, 2007
    Languages: English,
    Running time: 286 minutes
    Rating: Not Rated
    DVD Catalog #112358

    BASICS - Baby Looney Tunes Volume 4: Tooth Fairy Tales
    DVD - $14.97 SRP
    Street Date: August 14, 2007
    Languages: English, French
    Running time: 88 minutes
    Rating: Not Rated
    DVD Catalog #112357

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