WHV Press Release: "Affair of the Necklace"

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    Hilary Swank, who won a Best Actress Oscar for her performance in

    "Boys Don't Cry," stars in "The Affair of the Necklace" (an Oscar

    nominee for Best Costume Design) as 18th century French countess

    Jeanne De La Motte

    Valois, whose title was stripped from her by the Royal Family during

    the late 18th Century. The gripping tale, full of mystery and

    intrigue, tells of her fight to restore her name and regain her royal

    status. Kevin Thomas of the Los Angeles Times calls the movie an

    "elegant and remarkable odyssey, with Swank bringing the same

    touching, headstrong naiveté that characterized her Oscar-winning


    Christopher Walken (America's Sweethearts, Pulp Fiction), Jonathan

    Pryce (Tomorrow Never Dies, Evita) and Simon Baker (Red Planet, L.A.

    Confidential, TV's The Guardian) co-star as the liaisons turn

    dangerous in the movie directed by Charles Shyer (Private Benjamin,

    Father of the Bride I & II).

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