Wholesaler or Drop Shipper?

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    Oct 30, 2004
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    I am looking for a legal, respectable, large, and reliable wholesaler or drop shipper for computer and electronic products as well as DVDs and audio/video cables. I know there are about a million of them out there, all wanting you to pay a few dollars just to be able to see what prices they are offering, which are usually higher than the normal going price these days.

    Does anyone have any recommendations? Can you use a drop shipper and compete at eBay prices?

    How does one get setup with a large corporation such a Sony to sell their products? Does anyone recommend a large manafacture that makes DVD players, receivers, TVs, ect..?

    Basically I have been doing a lot of home theater and computer installs lately, and I am tired of having to buy everything at retail prices from BestBuy and the like. I would rather buy from a wholesaler and sell at my own prices. I would also like to sell on ebay as well as my own estore.

    Also, where can I get the real DVDs in the package, not burnt ones, for $5 and the like?

    Thank you,
    Kyle Leissner

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