Which Vienna Acoustics would you pick?

Discussion in 'Speakers' started by Kenneth Harden, Oct 18, 2009.

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    I have not posted in the long time, but the upgrade bug has bit me for my 2-channel rig, and I have a chance to buy some Vienna's at a good price. They will be driven by my Primare I21 (125w/channel integrated amp) and Primare CD21 (the matching CD player. Good great, but nut super-powerful or ultra hi-end.

    The two speakers I am considering are:

    Beethoven Baby Grand ($4,000/pr.) - http://www.sumikoaudio.net/va/prod_beethoven_baby.htm


    Beethoven Concert Grand ($5,500/pr.) - http://www.sumikoaudio.net/va/prod_beethoven.htm

    Of course, the bigger speakers are...bigger, but they are a lot of money (even with discount), and not sure if my little Primare will be able to really drive them. On the other hand, it gives me a chance to upgrade my front end to something else (and I would probably just use the Primare for a bedroom/office system with some cool little bookshelf speakers).

    The smaller speakers would probably be a better match with what I own now, and the price is more reasonable. However, while I don't like to CRANK my music, I do listen to a lot of bass-heavy electronic music and worry about blowing those two 6" woofers (vs. 3, 7" woofers). However, with a clean, hi-current amp, not sure if this will be a problem. I do know it is easy to pop the woofers in these things if you use a sloppy, cheaper receiver and crank them (the excursion just gets out of control).

    Oh, obviously I do like the sound, and they look amazing.

    Any thoughts or suggestions?



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