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Discussion in 'Playback Devices' started by SimonJester753, Jan 17, 2010.

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    I was considering an AppleTV, but it won't play Netflix. Will an AppleTV with Boxee play Netflix? I've heard that it won't, but they may have made changes.

    Then I see the Boxee Box, but it's not out yet. So I find the Roku HD, which seems like it's got everything the Boxee box will have, (in terms of ports), plus some the Boxee does not have. But I don't really need the analog out ports on the Roku HD, so I figure there should be some bells and whistles in the Boxee that I'm not noticing. Otherwise, why not just get the Roku?

    Then of course there's also the XBox 360. Or a Netflix enabled BlueRay player.

    I've got a Mac in my home office. I would like the box I buy to play downloaded Netflix on the living room TV. I'd also like it to play my iTunes library, including the iTunes that I've bought through the iTunes store. It would be nice if the box could store the iTunes files so that my Mac does not have to be on to listen to music in the living room.

    I also have an old pre-Intel Mac that's collecting dust. I suppose I could turn it into an HEPC, but it's a big Mac Pro tower, so I can't really tuck it into the entertainment center.

    Any suggestions on which box will do what I want?

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