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    Dec 6, 2001
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    Hi, I just bought HSU VF-2 Sub and now I have question about where to place it.

    In my living room I one big Cut to place the TV and another seprate one for A/V equipment. These cuts basically allow you to push the TV into the wall so you save little space. The space for A/V equipment is about 6ft.(tall), 2ft.(wide) and about 30in(deep). My A/V receiver and all other equipment is in this space on shelves that I made.

    My question: Sould I put the sub on the floor in this space for A/V equipment? My fear is that it will not sound too good if I put this sub into space where there are walls(about 5in space between wall and Sub on each side) on three sides of the sub.

    Any suggestions?


    - Balwinder

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