Where is the price equilibrium for speakers,recievers and subs?

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    After going from Klipsch promedia 5.1 to Klipsch RF3's then to Klipsch RF7's, I noticed a definite drop off in performance increase as I upgraded. For instance going from my promedia's to RF3's was a huge upgrade, but when I went from RF3's to the RF7's there wasn't that great of a performance increase. So it seems that speakers, like many things in this world, has a point where at the begginning every dollar you pay for an upgrade gives you a certain amount of performance increase, but as you start to get into the upper end of the speaker line, you have to pay twice, maybe three times as much to get the same increase in performance. This is the same deal with CPU's. For instance right now for a P4 3.06 Ghz you pay $542. But for $225 you can get a P4 2.6. While the 3.06 is better than the 2.6, it is definetlely not twice as good, as the price would lead you to believe. So I was wondering what you guys felt was the magical price for speakers, recievers and subs, where you pay more for performance and less for having the "best out there".

    P.S I am particularly interested in hearing your opinions on recievers, since I am planning on upgrading mine in the near future.

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