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Discussion in 'TV on DVD and Blu-ray' started by MattPeriolat, Dec 19, 2009.

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    Well, Santa will be here soon, but I'm hoping to pick up some funds for my next TV on DVD purchase after the holidays. I have some ideas but thought I'd turn to the experts here for their opinions.

    OK, right now my focus is in the 1950s period and, while I'm loving Lucy, I'm getting a little burned out on her and looking for some non-sitcom stuff from the period. So, here is my short list of interests and maybe I can get some more recommendations:

    - Howdy Doody Show. I keep blowing hot and cold on this one. I've honestly never seen an episode and not sure what to expect. Kid's entertainment in the 50s is, after all, a different animal than say, Sesame Street.

    - Suspense. I LOVE the original radio show and am dying to try the 3 volume set, just dunno about the quality or reputation of the company that produced the discs.

    - Studio One. The only thing holding me back here is the expense. 80 dollars is a healthy chunk of change to drop and I would prefer to just get it all done in one blow.

    - Hopalong Cassidy. Again, another expensive collection, but given it was an early Western on TV and I remember watching at least one of the movies in film apprication class and enjoyed it, it can't hurt. Plus, I enjoyed the Gene Autry Show so I expect more of the same.

    - The Lone Ranger. Again, exposed mostly to the radio show so interested to see how it will translate to TV and if it's something I'm really going to enjoy. I have a strong feeling I will, just dunno.

    The PD releases for Lights Out, Burns and Allen, Racket Squad, and Jack Benny interest me too, but would rather hear from the horse's mouth on quality both of the release and the show before getting those.

    So... fire away.

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