What is the deal with B5 S1 pricing?

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    The U.S. MSRP for this set is $99.99. The set has been available for pre-order at anywhere from around $60.00 to about $75.00.

    All of the German DVD retailers are selling the set for around 33.99 EUR. Since the Euro and the dollar are trading at almost dead even, that means a street price of about $34.00 USD. The British sites were approximately in-line with with U.S. and Canadian pricing until today, when several sites cut their prices in response to what they said was a price drop announced by Warner Bros. Where S1 was selling for about 50 pounds on a typical site a few days ago, today it is selling for 33 pounds, discounted from the new RRP of 44.99 GBP.

    But there is no sign of any similar price drop in R1 or R4. What is going on here. When I first saw the German prices, I thought they were a mistake. But now I think I'm making a mistake paying almost twice as much for the R1 edition when the German version includes both English and German 5.1 audio tracks and all of the same features. (I have a region free player that will handle the PAL-to-NTSC conversion.)

    Can any of our members with industry connections shed any light on this?



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