What game to buy next?

Discussion in 'Gaming' started by DaveF, May 3, 2008.

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    I'm a long-time, but infrequent gamer. And I'm back in a gaming mode, wondering what to get next. I just played through the Orange Box, and remain a huge fan of the Half Life series. I tried Deus Ex (an older game), but it doesnt' work on my computer (BootCamp on a Mac). I also borrowed F.E.A.R. from a coworker, but it insisted on installing its own version of DirectX, so I gave up on that. I'm trying the demo of BioShock, and a few minutes in, looks promising.

    I also loved StarCraft, and wonder if a newer RTS is worthwhile.

    How about GTA IV -- is it available on the PC?

    So, for the infrequent gamer, but one who loves to catch some of the best-ever games, particularly FPS and RTS genres, what's a top choice to consder buying?

    Older games, circa 2002, are also welcome since I've not played any PC games the past five years.


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