What do XM, AirTran and Elton John have in common?

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    Elton John on AirTran, pay-per-view on JetBlue
    By Jayne Clark, USA TODAY

    The major airlines may be cutting back on everything from food to pillows, but a couple of low-cost carriers actually are adding some perks.
    Rocket man: Elton's mug announces the addition of XM Satellite Radio to AirTran's planes.
    AirTran Airways

    On Tuesday, AirTran Airways will roll out the first of its planes equipped with free XM Satellite Radio, which carries 100-plus channels, most of them commercial-free. The airline expects to have service on board all aircraft by the end of summer. To publicize it, AirTran is sticking giant decals of singer Elton John's mug on a handful of its planes.

    Meanwhile, JetBlue Airways is in the process of upping its DIRECTV channels from 24 to 36 and will add two pay-per-view movie channels by month's end. It also will install larger TV monitors and XM Satellite Radio fleet-wide by the end of the year.



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