Werring sound as DVD spins in Sony E9000ES

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    I own a Sony S9000ES. I put in a DVD I rented from Blockbuster, 1900, and heard a werring sound coming form my player as it spun the DVD. I never really noticed this berfore. I Could hear it, before the movie started, at my listening position 10ft away. (My room is pretty silent, no other ambient noise) Aagain, never really noticed this before. Movie played fine all the way through and once any sound started, the werring was not noticable unless I walked up to the player. Afterwards, I put in the movie Gladiator. Player was almost silent as it spun this DVD. Put in Titan A&E again pretty silent, a little werring but you had to be pretty close to the player to hear it. Put in another movie from blockbuster, Skulls II, and a more apparent werring sound could be heard. Tried several more DVD's from my own collection and heard a slight werring to almost silence from the player. Tried a couple of CD's, no werring at all.

    My question; Is this normal? Why do some DVD's cause the player to make this sound and others do not? Do they spin at various speeds as does a CD-rom on a computer? Anyone else notice this? Just wanted to know?


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