Well Go USA Press Release: The Man From Nowhere (Blu-ray)

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    Dynamic Thriller. Won Bin is Tremendous.” – Variety

    Truly Impressive. The Best Cinematic Knife Fight to Hit Screens in Years.” – Film School Rejects

    Nothing to Lose. Nothing to Compromise.


    South Korea’s Highest Grossing Film of 2010

    Debuts on Blu-ray™ and DVD March 8TH

    Bonus Features Include a Behind-the-Scenes Featurette,

    and an Action Sequence Highlight Reel


    PLANO, TEXAS. (January 24, 2011) – South Korea’s highest grossing film of 2010 becomes the must-see Blu-ray™ and DVD of 2011 when The Man from Nowheredebuts on March 8 from Well Go USA. Written and directed by Jeong-Beom Lee (Cruel Winter Blues), the critically-acclaimed, international box office smash stars Bin Won (Mother, Tae Guk Gi: The Brotherhood of War) and newcomer Sae-Ron Kim in the action-packed story of a desperate man out to save a little girl from drug runners. The film comes both subtitled and in a brand new English-language dub. Bonus features include the in-depth, behind-the-scenes featurette “The Making ofThe Man From Nowhere,” as well as a reel of action highlights from the film. The Man from Nowhere will be available on Blu-ray for $26.98 SRP and on DVD for $24.98 SRP.


    An ex-special agent Tae-sik Cha's only connection to the rest of the world is a little girl, So-mi, who lives nearby. Her mother, Hyo-jeong smuggles drugs from a drug trafficking organization and entrusts Tae-sik with the product, without letting him know. The traffickers find out about her smuggling and kidnap both Hyo-jeong and So-mi. The gang promises to release them if Tae-sik makes a delivery for them, however it is actually a larger plot to eliminate a rival drug ring leader. When Hyo-jeong's disemboweled body is discovered, Tae-sik realizes that So-mi's life may also be in danger. Tae-sik becomes enraged at the prospect that So-mi may already be dead and prepares for a battle, putting his own life at risk.

    Bonus Features Include:

    § Featurette: “The Making of The Man From Nowhere

    § Highlights

    § Theatrical Trailer

    The Man From Nowhere has a runtime of approximately 119 minutes and is rated R for violence and drug use.

    For more information on The Man From Nowhere, visit the official site www.themanfromnowheremovie.com

    or find it on Facebook at www.facebook.com/manfromnowhere.

    BD Catalog #: WGU01205B

    DVD Catalog #: WGU01204D

    BD UPC Code: 812491012055

    DVD UPC Code: 812491012048

    BD Order Date: 2/1/11

    DVD Order Date: 2/1/11

    BD SLP: $26.98

    DVD SLP: $24.98

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