Well Go USA Press Release: Mutant Girls Squad (DVD)

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    “… a pure crowd pleaserVisually this film beats all its predecessors hands down.”

    - Niels Matthijs, TwitchFilm.com

    “… a must-see just for the experience, and those audiences who do find themselves reveling in its madness will find a flick they’ll happily revisit.” - Samuel Zimmerman, Fangoria.com


    The Splatter-ific, Kick-tastic, Raunchy Riff on the X-Men Movies

    Debuts on Blu-ray™ + DVD Combo Pack and DVD May 22nd

    Bonus Materials Include Featurettes, Interviews with the Filmmakers and the short film Yoshi Zero


    PLANO, TEXAS. (March 19, 2012) – Three leaders in the Japanese splatter movement -- Noboru Iguchi (The Machine Girl), Yoshihiro Nishimura (Tokyo Gore Police) and Tak Sakaguchi (Yoroi: Samurai Zombie) -- join forces to bring three times the heart-pounding action, three times the jaw-dropping comedy and three times the head-exploding splatter of your average action/horror/comedy with Mutant Girls Squad, debuting on Blu-ray™ + DVD Combo Pack and DVD May 22nd from Well Go USA Entertainment.

    A soon-to-be cult film from the prolific Japanese cult film label Sushi Typhoon, Mutant Girls Squad is touted as a warped version of X-MEN, adapted into the violent, body-horror-filled universe of the three directors. Mutant Girls Squad focuses on Rin, a beautiful 16-year-old who experiences one hell of a coming-of-age when her birthday present from nature comes in the form of a shocking revelation. The film stars Yumi Sugimoto, Yuko Takayama, Suzuka Morita and Naoto Takenaka.

    Bonus materials include the “Opening Day” and “The Making of Mutant Girls Squad” featurettes, interviews with the filmmakers and the short film Yoshi Zero, a prequel by Noboru Iguchi focusing on the character portrayed by Suzuka Morita.


    Rin (Yumi Sugimoto) has always felt like an outcast among her classmates and peers, and as she's about to turn sixteen, she finds out why -- while her mother (Maiko Ito) is human, her dad (Kanji Tsuda) is a Hiruko, a race of mutant creatures whose bodies transform themselves in strange ways and can sprout weapons at will. Defense Minister Koshimizu (Naoto Takenaka) has launched a crusade to eliminate the Hirukos in the name of public safety, but Rin's father tells her of an underground Hiruko alliance who are fighting for their right to survive, and after the death of her parents, Rin makes her way to a training camp for young Hirukos. Rin, who now has long blades where her fingers used to be, teams up with fellow teenage warriors Rei (Yuko Takayama), Yoshie (Suzuka Morita), Sachie (Cay Izumi) and Chiako (Naoi Nagano), all of whom have unique bodily weapons of their own, as they set out to take down Koshimizu.

    Bonus Features

    • “Opening Day” Featurette
    • Interviews with Filmmakers
    • “The Making of Mutant Girls Squad” Featurette
    • Yoshie Zero Short Film

    Mutant Girls Squad has a runtime of approximately 91 minutes and is not rated.

    Blu-ray + DVD Combo Pack


    Combo Pack Catalog #: WGU01306B

    DVD Catalog #: WGU01305D

    Combo Pack UPC Code: 812491013069

    DVD UPC Code: 812491013052

    Combo Pack Pre-Order Date: 4/17/12

    DVD Pre-Order Date: 4/17/12

    Combo Pack SLP: $29.98

    DVD SLP: $24.98

    About Well Go USA

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