Weird Issues w/ Component Source Inputs

Discussion in 'Playback Devices' started by David J. White, May 27, 2003.

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    Perhaps you all can help me sort this out. I can't figure out if I'm doing something wrong, mising something, or if my set is just not functioning properly.

    My issue is with connecting various HD sources to a 38" Loewe using the component video input. I am running 3 devices into the set using a Zektor component switch box. The Zektor outputs to the loewe connected as "STB C-Vid" input.

    3 sources are:
    Comcast HD Cable via Motorola DCT5100
    Panasonic RP62 DVD
    Sony PS2

    Here is what I get when viewing:
    5 Comcast HD channels are perfect and amazing.
    Other cable channels via component look fine but will only view in 16:9 or Panorama* format. The DCT5100 is set to TV Type=16:9, YPbPr Output=1080I, & 4:3 Override=Off.

    If I turn the 4:3 override to 480i my image gets split and jumbled. Set to 480p it works ok, but the perspective is skewed pretty bad when viewing full screen and I can't reformat to 4:3, only 16:1 and pano. If I change the YPbPr output to 480I or 720p I also loose my image. 480p works fine, but again only w/ 16:9 and panorama formats and with artifacts along the top edge. (Aside: I usually use RF out for non-hd stations via tivo which works fine...).

    DVD will only produce a viewable image if I use the players Progressive scan output, otherwise I get the same split garbled image that the interlaced signals above produce.

    PS2 will not produce a viewable image via component, even with its menu options set to YPbPr output.

    Does the above sound correct or am I having problems with the sets internal deinterlacer? Oh, and the Zector is not a factor as I get the same results with direct connections.

    I bought a cheap DVD because I figured the Loewe pulldown would be more than enough, but when I view DVDs via S-video inputs I get LOTS of artifacts in high motion scenes like actors riding in cars, etc, The component image with the DVD's pulldown is far superior to S-vid. ???

    Thanks for any input....
    Dave w

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