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Discussion in 'Displays' started by John-Miles, Feb 26, 2005.

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    Hi all, I ahvent posted ehre in quite a while, but now I am back, I recently had a problem with my Toshiba 36HFX71 tv, from time to time the screen would take on a blue tint, nothing would make this tint go away except turning the tv off and then turning it on again.

    So I called up the store I bought it from they came and picked up the monster tv. I told them no rush on it as I am in calgary till march 4th. So a few days ago I called to check on the progress and they told me that the green picture tube needs to be replaced.

    HOWEVER that tube is no longer in production. I have an extended warranty but aparently the extended warranty company is in the drivers seat on this and MAY find a replacement tube somewhere (no longer in production dosent mean none left around) or I may need a whole new tv. Now my question is how are they likely to treat me if I need a new TV?

    As I see it I have 3-4 options, 1 they say well the tv was 2 1/2 years old so its worth 500 od the 3200 you paid, here you go enjoy. they may replace it with 34" widescreen, they may replace ti with a Sony 36 HS model, or they would replace it with something bigger like a Toshiba 44" DLP.

    Personally I hop they dont try to give me a depriciated value for the tv, cause right now its not in my budget to drop another 2000 on a tv.

    If they replace it with a 34" widescreen tv well thats significantly smaller than the tv i initially bought, and since most of my viewing is non HD tv and video games I ahve to live with a smaller stretched image most of the time.

    Replacing ti with a SONY HS model, well that give me pretty much what I had before but if I am not mistaken the HS model Sony's dont exactly stack up in terms of PQ and features to the Toshiba Cinema Series.

    And the final alternative I can see would be somethign like the Toshiba 44" DLP its not a 4:3 as I would prefer, and its not a CRT as I would prefer, but its the same price as my tv was when i bought it and well if you cant ahve the aspect ratio you want at least I have somethign bigger right?

    So opinions what do you think they will try to give em what should i fight for? where would you draw the line?

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