Warner Archive SDCC Panel: Attack of the Killer Bs

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    There was a Warner Archive panel at Comic-Con this year focusing on B movies:

    Warner Archive Collection presents Attack of the Killer Bs - The movies you hate to admit you love - and the Warner Archive unabashedly adores - get their overdue marquee moment as panelists shine the spotlight on some of the very best of the B-movies. All those quirky and crazed sci-fi, horror, and action films the transcend their B-movie-ness to become permanent fixtures in our collective imagination. From The Frozen Dead and The Green Slime to The Hand and The Beast with Five Fingers; from Joe Dan Baker waging a one-man war in Mitchell to Peter Graves leading the 5-Man Army in an impossible train robbery, these Bs (and many more) will get the TLC they greatly deserve as part of a discussion of B movies and why we love them. Join WAC podcast hosts George Feltenstein, Matthew Patterson, and D.W. Ferranti, super-critic Leonard Maltin and Academy Award nominated Josh Olson (A History of Violence) as they delve into cinematic fun, revealing highlights from WACs upcoming slate of entertaining releases. Panel was recorded at 2013 Comic-Con.

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