Wanted - BOLTZ brand TV stand with shelves (Portland, OR area)

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    I have been searching for MONTHS for a used BOLTZ brand TV-2 model old-school television stand and extra shelves. I need the model that is 40" wide x 20" deep, in Anthracite Metallic color, and of course in great condition. I've finally made a home theater system purchase, so my need has become much more urgent ;)
    BOLTZ discontinued this model a few years ago, so they are no longer available from the manufacturer. There is a new one on ebay, but the finish is clearcoat steel and will not match my other shelves (Anthracite Metallic dark grey color).
    I know that someone out there must be looking to ditch that heavy hunk of BOLTZ brand steel that used to hold their 32" CRT TV before they mounted that nice 60" flatscreen to the wall:) I am located in the Portland, Oregon metro area (ZIP code 98661) and would be willing to drive as far as the Seattle area to pick one up. I am also open to receiving a shipment if affordable shipping could be arranged from elsewhere in the country.
    Due to forum rules, I will not post my craigslist wanted ad here, but searches for BOLTZ for Portland and Seattle craigslist should easily bring up my wanted ad.

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