Wanna add sound to Toyota. 12" or 10"

Discussion in 'Mobile Phones / Entertainment' started by Chris:-/OV, Jan 15, 2005.

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    I recently got a Toyota Conquest but it's a 1989 model and sadly still has the standard factory fitted sound. I was thinking of adding coaxials to the rear, splits to the front and 2 subs in the boot. Which should i get 10" or 12"? I listen to a lot of rock and occasionaly dance. I want good sound quality with tight responsive bass. I have the choice of these brand names: Kenwood, Sony, Pioneer, Starsound, JVC and Infinity. Oh and I need a head unit mp3 player and an amp. I've got about R.4000 ($900) to spend. Please help me choose which brand and what enclosure to use for the subs(should i take the 10"). Also which components should i run off a seperate amp. Can I use thehead unit to power the splits and coaxials?
    Your help will be greatly appreciated. HTF is the best.

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