Vivendi Press Release: Cat.8 (Blu-ray) (DVD)

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    CAT. 8


    Golden Globe© Nominee Matthew Modine And Maxim Roy Star In
    The DOOMSDAY Thriller Arriving On Blu-ray and DVD August 13
    From Gaiam Vivendi Entertainment And Sonar Entertainment


    UNIVERSAL CITY, CA – The planet faces demise in the terrifying apocalyptic miniseries, CAT. 8, exploding onto Blu-ray and DVD August 13 from Gaiam Vivendi Entertainment and Sonar Entertainment.  Directed by Kevin Fair (“Smallville”) and starring Golden Globe© nominee Matthew Modine (The Dark Knight Rises) and Maxim Roy (“ReGenesis”), this is the third earth-shattering installment in the ongoing Doomsday Series, featuring five epic 4-hour end of the world experiences. CAT. 8 premieres this summer on ReelzChannel as an original miniseries event.


    When government agent Dr. Jane Brandt (Roy) unveils a global security system that harnesses the unlimited energy of the sun, an unanticipated accident triggers unimaginable consequences. The only man who can save the planet from the seething solar plasma heading towards Earth is government outsider and renegade physicist, Michael Mitchell (Modine).  As chaos reigns across the globe and government officials relinquish all hope, Michael faces the harsh reality that he only has a matter of hours to save all human life on the planet.  The countdown to the end of the world begins with this never-before-seen extended version of CAT. 8, available on Blu-ray and DVD August 13 at the suggested retail price of $29.95 and $19.97, respectively.



    The greatest breakthrough in global defense research becomes the greatest weapon known to man—and the irreversible catalyst in bringing about Armageddon. After a government experiment to harness endless energy from the sun goes terribly wrong, it’s only a matter of hours before the Earth’s atmosphere will be ignited. As chaos reigns across the globe, as government officials relinquish all hope, the countdown to the end of the world begins and it’s up to one man to try and save humanity.


    Price: $29.95 Blu-ray / $19.97 DVD    

    Street Date: August 13, 2013      

    Pre-Book: July 2, 2013  

    Catalog Number:  RH9341 Blu-ray / RH9342 DVD

    Language:  English

    Running time: Approximately 176 minutes  

    Rating: Not Rated


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