Vivendi Press Release: Annie Claus Is Coming To Town

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    ‘Tis the Season!

    Gaiam Vivendi Entertainment Releases Three Heart-Warming and Inspiring Holiday Movies

    - Annie Claus is Coming to Town, Christmas Miracle, & The Christmas Pageant -

    Arriving on DVD this October!

    Annie Claus is Coming to Town – Arrives on DVD on October 9th!
    It’s finally time for Santa’s daughter to see the world. And for a girl raised in the North Pole, what location could be more exciting than sunny California? Through his magical snow globe, the proud papa watches Annie (Maria Thayer) spread Christmas spirit throughout L.A., making friends with the owner of Candy Cane Inn and waltzing into a job at Wonderland Toys. But Santa’s lingering concern is the man his daughter will choose to take over the affairs of the North Pole. Will it be Ted (Sam Page), the kid at heart who sells vintage toys in a digital world, or the imposter, a Hollywood actor hired by the Senior Elf who wants the holiday all to himself? Santa knows that only Annie can make that decision—and that the fate of Christmas rests in her heart.

    Christmas Miracle – Arrives on DVD on October 16th!
    A blizzard closes the roads forcing eight strangers to take refuge in an abandoned church. During their time together, they learn from one another how to manage through various personal dilemmas, and that despite their differences; by working together they can make even the most unlikely miracles happen. This uplifting holiday story shows the real meaning of the season – kindness, understanding and love.

    The Christmas Pageant – Arrives on DVD on October 16th!
    When big-shot Broadway director Vera Parks (Melissa Gilbert) gets fired from yet another job, she must subject herself to directing a small-town Christmas pageant. But culture-shocked Vera is stunned by the production’s simplicity and tries to back out of the deal. She is again outraged when she learns her ex-fiancé Jack (Robert Mailhouse) had the audacity to recommend her for the job. Still, there’s just something—or someone—that won’t allow Vera to leave. Enchanted by the charms of community, Vera comes to discover a new love in her work and an old love in Jack. Will the diva director drop her defenses long enough to let love in?

    Embrace the holiday spirit early this year with an advance copy of these three films. Please respond to this email if you are interested in reviewing these heart-warming and inspiring movies from Gaiam Vivendi Entertainment.

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