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Discussion in 'Computers' started by kumar, Sep 7, 2009.

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    [SIZE= larger]IGNORE THIS!!! It was the y-cable problem. Changing the cable fixed it. phew![/SIZE]

    I have this long-term plan of converting my audio cassettes to digital format and edit them using Audacity. Finally I got on to it this weekend. Here's the problem and I am not sure who to blame MS or the manufacturer.

    I connect the audio out from my JVC deck through RCA plug to a Y converter mini into the Line-in

    When I playback my cassette, I hear the sound only from the left front and back speakers, some bass goes into the subwoofer. But no sound in the right speaker. I have tried connecting only front left and right and played around with balances but nothing works.

    When I playback CDs, iTunes, and from the net, I can hear in all my speakers. The same issue is with mic as well. Now it makes me think that I am having some kind of driver issue. The cables seems ok since it is the same cable that I used in my HT setup.
    Secondly, I disconnected the left channel from the cassette player and connected only the right, still the computer speakers play only the left.

    Apparently, many have this problem with Vista. I have read on the net. But none of their suggestions seems to have worked for me, yet.

    The reason I came to this forum, is to check if any of you have had a similar issue with line-in and have fixed it, and how.

    I have done a similar set up earlier with XP and it has worked.
    I have updated the latest sound card driver, tried uninstalling and reinstalling .. hmm.. no effect!

    I would appreciate any pointers to fix this issue. aaaah!!!! I should have picked a Mac two years ago! :)


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