Video lag and the lack of progression scan in PAL games

Discussion in 'Gaming' started by Ray Ruggaurs, Mar 22, 2007.

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    hi all

    Seems the consensus on what's causing most of the video lag on HD tellies among the old gen games (your ps2s, cubes and anything older) is the fact that the HD tellies must first de-interlace the image before upconverting it to its native resolution.

    Its the converting of say a 480i image into a 480p or (720p or 1080p) image that causes the most lag.

    Now - its been said that most gamecube and xbox and some ps2 games have progressio scan (480p) so this video lag problem shouldn't be that bad but pretty much every game in PAL is interlaced! Our equivalent of the 480p seems to be 60Hz mode which is a 525i image at 60 frames per second.

    So, does this mean that if i get a new HD tellie i'm in for a laggy time? Anyone in the PAL areas with stories or experience? - thanks!

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