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    Listing 4 DVD players, as I currently have "too many" and would like to thin the herd by one. No I do not need to sell any of them...just would rather have them somewhere getting used...instead of one of them collecting dust, as a few of these are in the "same system" and another DVD or BD player covers what these do. The prices are the prices I'll take...which is not the lowest you'll find somewhere else, and I don't care. MO or check Paypal. Local-ish pick up will be allowed, otherwise I'll split shipping cost.
    All will include the original remote, but not a manual.

    1. LG DN191, $45 .The one I would most like to sell. It is region-free. It has never not played a disc. You will find reviews and specs stating it plays DVD-A. I assure you this is wrong. It does not. One caveat, it is noisy, always has been. Sounds like a beaver chewing on discs.

    2. Pioneer DV420, $80. Replaced this with an Elite DV49. "Same DVD player", except the Elite plays DVD-A and SACD. It is region-free.

    3. Oppo DV970, $120. Technically the DV49 replaces this as well. It is also region-free. This does play SACD over HDMI as LPCM. The DV49 does it as DSD, which is why the Oppo was sidelined. I only have one AVR that doesn't have multi-channel input. If that changes in the future, I'd rather get another "HDMI DSD" player like another DV49 or an Oppo that will do DSD.

    4. Integra DPS 6.7(actually have two of these, you'll get the cleanest remote/dvd player...which both are near mint anyway), $175. Classic Integra sound over analog for SACD/DVD-A. Alas, it isn't "region-free". It is capable of playing PAL discs. When you run across a "new-ish" disc that actually has region-coding, it won't play. There is a hack...I just never bothered. The Oppo 970 being really close to its "analog sound clone" is why I don't need both.

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