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Discussion in 'Computers' started by mattCR, Jun 26, 2013.

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    Recently, I finished demoting my old WHS V1 Server, but felt as though I could come up with a use for it for some other projects. Over the weekend, I converted it over to run VMWare ESXi, which I use on a daily basis (for work) with the goal of doing something different.. installing several OS's that ran games that no matter what I do I can't get to successfully run on Windows 7 X64.
    Most of these were games for Windows 98, a few ran in Windows XP, But I kept thinking.. this has got to be possible.

    Low and behold, after a day or so of screwing around with it, I finally managed to get my Windows 98SE and Windows XP setups fully operational.. and old school gaming (like REALLY old school gaming) is up and running.

    The pros:

    There are some games that my kids hadn't ever seen or heard of that run like champs in full quality. There are some games I haven't seen or played in FOREVER that I'm enjoying a great deal of... my kids seem to think it's pretty cool to just snap up an OS and get it to run what I want.

    The Negative:
    One thing ESXI doesn't do is provide sound over PCoIP. In fact, it doesn't really offer audio devices to the clients, for various reasons. So, in the end, I had to solve that. Solution? I ended up grabbing 3 USB Soundcards (generic CMEDIA devices) and allowed them to pass through... so far, so good, almost every game I've tried has worked just fine, I just route the audio out of the USB adapter to the Aux on the receiver, and use my HTPC to run VSphere to grab it in an alternate view.

    Still a lot more tweaking to go; I have a few games I'm very doubtful I can make work correctly.. mostly DOS only items, but I'm giving it a go ;)

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