Upgrading B&W 602S3/LCR60 to CM7/CM8 and CMC/CMC2

Discussion in 'Speakers' started by Rasclat23, Jun 5, 2012.

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    Hi all,
    I'm new to these forums and this is my first post so I'll try to give as much information as possible. I'm thinking of upgrading my current 5.1 setup below to a full CM series. Here is what I have at the moment. I use it for 50% movies in 5,1 and 50% music in 2,1. My room is about 4mx6m.
    Fronts: B&W 602S3
    Centre: B&W LCR60
    Surround: B&W CM1
    Sub: B&W ASW2500
    Receiver: Marantz SR5005
    I had the 602s for years before upgrading to 5.1 about 2 years ago, picking up the LCR60, Sub and CM1s on auction for cheap. I live in Japan so everything on auction is in great condition. Now I have my eye on replacing the Fronts and eventually the Centre with other CM speakers to match everything up.
    I've noticed quite a few pairs of CM7s on auction for cheap but also a few pairs of CM8s at similar prices but a bit more expensive as they must be newer. I've searched endlessly but cannot find much information to compare the speakers.
    I'll also replace the centre with either a CMC or CMC2 but the CMC2 is a monster and I'll need to replace the whole rack to accommodate it though all review show the CMC2 is far better.
    I also read on another forum that the CM7s don't match the CMC as well as the CM8/9s due to the crossover but I also read that the CM8s are a step down from the CM7s for stereo and music.
    Music in stereo is where I really criticize my speakers though. The sub takes care of the bass and I have the crossover frequency at 80Hz and fronts set to small in the receiver so I won't need huge bass from the fronts.
    As I'll be buying second hand on auction, I won't have the luxury of listening to the speakers before the purchase (not always wise I know) so any advice on choosing between the CM7s or CM8s from anyone that has listened to or owns any of these combinations would be really helpful.
    Would it be better to pick up the CM7s or the CM8s and when I upgrade the centre, would the CMC be a good bet even though the CMC2 is rated much better?
    Any advice or input would be greatly appreciated.

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