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    Hey guys-

    I'm just beginning to actually entertain the idea of upgrading to a larger screen display. There are a lot of options out there and I was going to wait longer to see how HD-TV shakes out.

    What I am pondering is what is going to be the best option for me as a main display for mostly DVD/LD viewing and TV. There is of course the Sony Playstation.

    My current screen is a 7 year old Sony 32 XBR that is still working fine. But the big screen itch has started!

    The dream is a plasma screen, in the 42 to 46 inch range. The lack of footprint is the big plus here and coolness factor. But cost and longevity are concerns, then I was considering a RPTV like the Sony ones on the 50" range. Room size is a factor of course and it's a good size 14 wide by 22 deep. Seating is centralized. The room has floor to ceiling glass on the long sides and cathedral ceiling with glass on the ends, so brightness of the display is an issue.

    Then a co-worker suggested the new Sony 40" Wega. He based that on sharpness and brightness and picture quality vs RPTV's. I hear it's huge!

    Oh yeah, I forgot, the idea of a front projector is also an option so I can keep the current TV set up.

    What's your take. I'm just getting my feet wet here and pondering the options, purchase could be months to a year away. I will be looking at these at the store of course after the holidays.



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