up to 35% off on Lenovo PCs

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    I was looking through my Rightcliq coupons this morning and found a 35% off coupon for Lenovo Computers. All you need to do for this offer is sign up for Rightcliq and use your Visa card for the purchase. There are also a bunch of other coupons for you to look through as well. Let me know if you find any good ones!

    Rightcliq by Visa is a new online shopping tool
    that brings together the online shopping experience in one place – you can organize your products, get advice from friends and check-out faster on your favorite merchant sites. Home Theater Forum is all about researching and picking the best equipment and we think Rightcliq can make that process easier and more fun! We are in the early research phase and we really want to know what you think about it. Check it out now by simply clicking rightcliq.visa.com...signup (with IE or Firefox)... and you're on your way!

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