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    The First Underworld was a bite full surprise of cinema who will win and which side would you chose, I didn’t have the first clue until the mid way point in the film, where the war between the Lycan and Vampires was reviled to Selene, and was later unearthed in Underworld Evolution, the style of fast paced action scenes is the norm for today’s action films, with faster film editing techniques CGI technology and good assemble of stunt performers give the deathliest stunt believability has come a long way since the early days of cinema.

    Wires can now be digitally removed giving the final scene a flaws move, it’s a pity they can’t use this technique on other films where wire can be seen visibly that would be a real bonus.

    The imagery on this film is dark, which sets the tone of the story very well, for some they might find it distracting but that is the wish of the (DP) and the director, this is wild comic book fun, with each film receiving an (18) certificate or (R) in the USA, for language and violence and some brief nudity, this is all good entertainment value.

    Classy and full of bite full action, that would suck other vampire moves dry!

    Image rating 10/10

    Sound rating 10/10

    Overall rating 10/10

    Underworld Special Edition more bloody less loud!

    A few weeks back I purchased the Underworld, special edition on region 2 DVD and was rather surprised with the differences between the first edition of Underworld, on region 2 DVD and this version where the director has inserted certain scenes back into the film which flesh out the character and plot development of the film further.

    Now I have done compressions tests of the two features Underworld and Underworld Evolution, and noted the huge dynamic range on the Underworld was deep and very raw with biting low end that will make a small sub bass speaker chock!

    The dynamic range on this special edition was a around –3db less in the A weighting range when measured acoustically, and –5db in the C weighting when measured acoustically this was a surprise.

    Image was framed as seen in the first edition, and lighting was the same as well, except the newly restored scenes, where Michel Corvin, saves Selene after the car has plummeted into the water! And late we see Selene, crawling away when the sun starts to rise!

    So what do I think about this version, on a scale of 1 to 10, I’ll rate it has good 10/10 for more bite but when it comes to the six-track Dolby Digital presentation I have to give it an 8.

    Underworld Evolution

    What can I say about “Underworld: Evolution” [/b]is that it was on par with the first a high octane of pure adrenalin rush none stop action with a white knuckle punch, and jaw dropping visual effects with more bite that sucks its predecessor dry!

    I said I was going to do an A&B evaluation of the two, well after seeing or rather listening to the first one some 5 or 6 times, once projected in the cinema, but in the home cinema arena it left a more and everlasting impression on me!

    Sound and visuals all come together with devastating impact with “Underworld: Evolution” starring Kate Beckinsale all dressed to kill in some tight black leather once again with Scott Speedman beside her as mutation of half Lycan and Vampire, battle against high odds, this is a not to be missed action adventure with stylistic visuals that are accompanied with a terrific six-track Dolby Stereo Digital soundtrack with quaking and riveting and a mirage of weaponry firepower!

    The soundtrack was more felt than heard, the customary sound effects and Foley design was top notch with body punches, score was by “Marco Beltrami” this marks the fifth time now that I have heard some of his works, and this one was a clash of low end that was noticeable throughout the films running time, with a few shrilly highs to breakthrough the blaze loud sound effects, and keep the viewer on the edge of the seat, or in my case I was gripping the seat, as this would have blown we out of the seat!

    Now I usually take caution with the dbA weighting and this one had peaks at the sweet spot, with 90dbA just +5db more than I would normally allow, now if I where to run this for a second viewing I would take it down by -5db from 0db THX reference level, the low end had ample to spare and will not diminish the films impact, not with the JBL control 5’s three-screen where localization was constantly moving and keeping the film highly active.

    Split-surrounds are made up by a huge array of JBL control 1’s down the sidewalls and on the back walls, had clear sounds placed in discrete parts of the left and right sides, while centre back surround had me looking solidly to the back while keep one eye still focused to the screen this was very apparent at the opening of the film, and throughout as well.

    Sub bass extension and LFE.1 was via the JBL 4645 modified, the lows in this film where reaching down to 25Hz with peaks in excess of 115dbc weighting, truck sounds helicopters and explosions, not to mention the storm of Foley effects that where forceful and hard hitting, with slam kick depth and crunch!

    So there must be small cult following of fans hare on this site that enjoyed this film, and its predecessor, but for me it was just that, a film with bite for every single frame, an indispensable sequel!

    Picture 9/10

    Sound 10/10

    Overall 10/10

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