Ultimate PS2 Game Package For Sale: RE: Outbreak, SypFil, R&C, Suffering ...

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    I have the following PS2 games for sale. Would like to sell as 1 package if possible, but may seperate into 2. All games are in excellent condition, unless noted:

    The Suffering (plastic cover a bit bent, but otherwise mint)
    Ratchet & Clank 2: Going Commando
    Syphon Filter (sticker residue)
    Resident Evil Outbreak
    Silent Hill 3
    Freedom Fighters
    Madden 2001
    Haven Call of the King
    eJay Clubworld (no manual)
    OPM Demo #69 & #78
    Front Mission 4 Demo
    PS2 Online Demo

    All for $125 shipped, trackable and insured. OBO.

    Will consider trades but mostly looking to sell. Interested in the following:

    World Poker Tour Season 1
    Friends Season 7
    XBox system
    Old School
    Matrix Revolutions
    Nip / Tuck Season 1

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