Two Pioneer DV-F727 DVD Carousels - Individual or Group Buy

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    Hello HTF - Up for immediate sale I have 2 Pioneer DV-F727 300 +1 DVD carousels. These units are the top of the line, aside from the functionally identical Pioneer Elite models that were originally offered alongside them at release time. I have had these units in my HT for many years but have now decided to go with a HTPC based setup which means I'll have to say goodbye to these.

    The DV-F727 holds 300 DVD's and also has a dedicated slot for rentals. The unit includes powerful cataloging and search features which make it a snap to add, find and play the disc you want quickly. If your DVD collection exceeds 300 discs, you can purchase another [or purchase both of these] and connect them together in a seamless fashion where one controls the other and you are presented with a glorious 600 disc library.

    The listed price of $500.00 is per unit but I will discount that price by $50.00 if one buyer purchases both units and also cover shipping costs up to a maximum of $50.00 for both units. If the units are sold separately then I will only cover shipping up to $25.00 per unit. In either case, i will pay no more than $50.00 total shipping costs. I searched the web before pricing these and I do not believe you will find a better price for units in this condition. If you do , let me know and we'll talk.

    You can find comprehensive reviews of the unit with a simple Google search of "Pioneer DV-F727." Both are in excellent working and cosmetic condition, but are sold "as is." Given their delicate nature, shipping insurance is highly recommended.

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