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    Behind every great man there stands a great woman.

    For anyone that may have been noticing, I have been
    really enjoying the selection of foreign films that have
    been recently released through the Sony Pictures Classics
    label. Personally, I see these films as a window into
    cultures that I previously knew little about. With their
    unique and intriguing stories, these films are the perfect
    deviation from the blandness of Hollywood.


    Where Do We Go Now is a humorous look at a most
    delicate situation where a church and mosque stand
    mere feet apart in a small Middle Eastern village. Seemingly
    isolated from the rest of the world, the town's Christian
    and Muslim men have learned to co-exist with each other,
    but with news coming from the outside about sectarian
    violence, the men find themselves fighting each other in
    their own community.


    The women of the town have seen enough bloodshed.
    A local cemetery and roads lined with land mines are
    stark reminders of the losses suffered over the years.
    With tensions between the two sects at a breaking point,
    the women conspire to keep the peace by all necessary
    means -- including hiring a troupe of Ukranian strippers
    to keep the mens minds occupied.


    Where Do We Go Now looks completely pristine on Blu-ray,
    with exceptional detail and color reproduction and total
    absence of blemishes or scratches. Mostly dialogue driven,
    the film stays focused in the front channels with the rears
    sparingly used to enhance the film's score and musical

    The Blu-ray features a very personal introduction by Lebanese
    director Nadine Labaki, who as a mother, draws upon her personal
    experiences to explain why she wanted to bring her story to the
    screen. In addition to a featurette on the making of the film, there
    is a very interesting look at how film's script and music soundtrack
    fed upon each other in its creation.

    The film is presented in 2.35:1 with Arabic 5.0 DTS-HD MA audio
    and English subtitles.


    Where Do We Go Now is a mostly enjoyable film that
    I found to be somewhat misdirected with its mix of comedy,
    violence and .... musical numbers (yes, you read correctly).
    Still, despite all its absurdness, I would highly recommend a watch.


    Also don't miss: A Separation (2011 Best Foreign Film Winner)

    Screenshots courtesy of Sony Pictures

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